Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doggy Intuition

Hi all. It's DogMama here. The puppies have been visiting friends and family while I had surgery this past week. 

They went to spend time with their mom and dad on Monday and stayed until Friday. I had surgery on Tuesday and missed them like crazy. 

I came home on Thursday and the puppies came to visit for a bit. They were so cute. They both came right over to me, sat on my tummy, and curled up and went to sleep. How did they know exactly where I had surgery? Dog are so amazing to me. 

DogDaddy even went to put them in their bed but Boom got right up and came back to me and Belle followed soon after.

Right now they are visiting their older brother Teddy at my moms house. They are having a blast and from what I hear they are tag-teaming Teddy! Lol. Must be all those Monday nights watching RAW with DogDaddy!!!

The love of a dog can never be measured. I love all my babies and can't wait until they come home on Tuesday. 

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